Looking For Revolutionaries

Truth; Liberty; Equality; and Freedom for all…

The basis by which any form of governing Democracy should follow. Yet continually we find fear in the potential tyranny of a system that was once designed as a sanctuary to all those faced with political, economic, and ethnic oppression.

We need change. The Gaia Coalition was formed under the proclamation that those who have the ability to change the world for the better have the responsibility to do so. The traditional Greek-Mythological term “Gaia,” otherwise spelled “Gaea,” translates in english to “Earth,” representing the Greco-Roman “Goddess of the Earth and Fertility.” It can be surmised that the famous historian and mythological-thinker Joesph Campbell would reason that the goddess, paralleled with so many other cultural beliefs, also represents renewal of the seasons, of life, and the cycle of creation, destruction, preservation, and rebirth. Thus the Gaia Coalition was founded on the idea of bringing about a renaissance of ideas and paradigm shift of thought from the economic to the ecological; competition and distraction to unity and patriotism–not to any one nation–but to the earth as a whole and through that to each other.

Rather vague may be an understatement in regards to our mission statement that the goal of the Network is “To create solidarity and spawn a collaborative movement of thought and action through the alliance of ecological and socially-progressive thinkers in order to reestablish the relationship between humans [with humans in themselves] and the natural world.”

We follow the constitution of PULSE: Preservation, Unity, Liberty, Sustainability, and Equality.

It is in our belief that the world will only finally begin to take the route that so many advocate for if in the present we come together as a coalition of organizations and freethinkers rather than follow the same dismal, repetitive, and the self-destructive method of becoming separated “islands” advocating for overlapping ideals and the promise of exhausted resources…

So enough with the metaphorical bullsh**. We need a team. A larger and ever-committed team of individuals who believe that there is more to this world that what we have become seemingly confide to. Individuals that want to find themselves, to stand up against an overbearing world filled with endless topics of debate and worry and fight–in our own way–to secure a future meant for all of us. The Gaia Coalition openly invites you. Whatever skills you have, whatever your passion, your background or dreams–we have a place for you if your conviction and resolve is willing to face the odds and allow yourself to be challenged, conflicted, and achieve growth. We need artists, architects, techies, writers, activists, students leaders, community leaders, organizers, musicians, and historians… No matter your ethnic background, skin color, gender, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, age, or otherwise… if we can feel your passion and conviction and see the potential for building a friendship with you as we grow and fight together, we openly invite you.

If you’re interested in volunteering contact the Gaia Coalition Network’s Executive Director, Lee Stedman, at lee.stedman.gaiacoalition@gmail.com or our Public Relations Director, Kesha Patel, at kesha.patel.gaiacoalition@gmail.com. We look forward to meeting you.

p.s. We are non-partisan. But, we openly invite all of our members to say “Fuck you” to most of our current legislation.


Support for the Back Forty Resistance

Recently, students from the UW-Waukesha Ecology Club teamed up with local organizations such as Climate Action Round Table (CART), Waukesha Green Alliance and the Water Protectors of Milwaukee to bring in the surrounding community by hosting an Environmental Fair and two Panel Discussions on Water Issues in Wisconsin. The first discussion talked about groundwater and featured Ken Bradbury (Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey), Skip Hansen (Central Sands Water Action Coalition), Laurie Longtine (Waukesha County Environmental Action League), Marian Singer (Wellntel) and Chuck Dunning (Wellntel). The second discussion talked about Surface Water and Water Policy and featured John Masterson (DNR), Simon Belisle (Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative), Cheryl Nenn (Milwaukee Riverkeeper), and Eric Hansen (Citizens Acting for Rail Safety). This event also featured keynote speaker Guy Reiter, who is native to the Menominee Tribe. Reiter talked about the importance of water to the Menominee people and their efforts to halt the Back Forty Mine. All proceeds raised at the event went to helping the Menominee Tribe.

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Environmental Fair at UW-Waukesha. Over 40 organizations were present at the event.

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Panel 1: Groundwater Issues in Wisconsin

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Keynote Speaker, Guy Reiter, of the Menominee Tribe.